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Gator Bites

Editor's Note: My "Gator Bites" article last issue received quite a bit of feedback. Some folks were appalled at the idea of eating gator at a theme park featuring gators (or eating it at all)…while others fell into "I Love Gatorland" camp.

Loved your article! Mine is Dinosaur World, although I have yet to go!

—J. Al-Awadir, St. Pete, FL

I received my Going Places this morning and read the article "Gator Bites" on page 8 and was absolutely disgusted by it. That anyone would take pleasure in a roadside attraction like Gatorland, which exploits Florida wildlife in such a way, is absolutely disgusting! I think that all these places should be done away with completely. I'm sure someone as inhumane as Ms. Klim was disappointed that the gators weren't fed live chickens...as that would have been much more "thrilling" to her. And then to sit down and eat the "tasty" snacks...but then again...What did she care? She was "Just Thrilled."

—M. Harris, Madison, TN

Grandma Gramlich and Leah

I loved your review! We, too, love Gatorland. Here is my 3-year old granddaughter Leah and I just hangin' out with the gators and snakes. I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting our area! It's fun, inexpensive, little or no crowds, and "hands on." And yes, we have gators in all our ponds and lakes.

—A. Gramlich, Via email

I am surprised and appalled by the author's description of what goes on at Gatorland. How would you like it, Ms. Klim, if some superior in strength person stretched your mouth open in front of an audience just to amuse them? Our children learn from adults. What message are they getting here? That it is okay to torture—and what goes on at Gatorland is a form of torture. The barbaric Romans used to torture people and animals, but that was over two thousand years ago.

—D. Petrie, Via email

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Not Very Patriotic

You omitted one of the most patriotic vacation locations in the country: Philadelphia. It is steeped in the history of our founding fathers, with many historic sites to visit, all within walking distance. If Lake George, NY, is patriotic, what is Philadelphia?

—B. Mitchell, Boynton Beach, FL

Editor's Note: You're absolutely right. We should have included this famous and beautiful destination in our "Patriotic Vacations" article.

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Cancer & Genetics

Thank you for the excellent article on hereditary cancer (Living Healthy, S/O '10). I am currently going through external radiation for prostate cancer, and my urologist and radiation oncologist advised me to tell my four sons to pay close attention to regular checks of the prostate; apparently, prostate cancer is closely tied to genetics.

—R. Dickhaus, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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Out & About in Toronto

I loved the "Be Amazed in Toronto" article, but you left out two great places: the Toronto Zoo and Casa Loma. While there, leave the car and take the trolley from one end of Toronto to the other...and consider riding the subway to some of the best sights in Toronto.

—R. Jones, Clarksville, TN

Thank you for writing about Toronto. As a Canadian now living in Florida, I was a little disappointed that you didn't mention Ontario Place and Cassaloma Castle, as well as the "The Canadian National Exhibition"—which takes place every year from Aug. 1 (a holiday in Ontario) through Labour Day—and Canada's Wonderland.

—J. Watson, Via email

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Relocated Savings

I had to write and thank you for the member discount I received from Consumers Relocation Services. I saw this mentioned in the magazine a while back, and remembered it when it was time to move. I not only saved a bunch, but they made the move incredibly easy!

—J. Gasior, Via email

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