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Off to College

As you prepare to help your teen embark on this exciting journey, you want to make sure he is protected with the proper insurance. But you're not sure if his new college student status changes how he should be covered. Here are some areas to consider discussing with your agent.

Insurance policies and coverage are unique for every insurance carrier, and these answers are based on ISO (Insurance Services Offices Inc.) policies, which may not be adopted by all carriers. There are also different editions of ISO policies, as well as different definitions of "insured." Carefully check your policy to determine which coverages and definitions apply to you.

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How Much Do You Know About Life Insurance?


The Answer May Be Surprising…and Valuable
Life Insurance Awareness Month, an annual event celebrated in September, is designed to educate Americans about the essential role of insurance in personal planning and helping to add security to your household.

AAA Life Insurance Company wants you to participate in Life Insurance Awareness Month by taking a short quiz about life insurance. Once you're done, go online to check your answers and learn five important facts about life insurance.


Life Insurance Quiz

To replace your future earnings with an adequate amount of life insurance, you need coverage equal to about five times your annual income. True or False?

It is possible to purchase term life insurance in which 100% of your premiums (costs) are returned at the end of 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. True or False?

Reprinted with permission from AAA Life Insurance.

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