Editor's Notes

Frightening Fun for Fall

Sandy Klim

As fall makes its way here with deep breaths of cooler weather, it's the perfect time to rally around family and spend some quality time together. When all is said and done, family can be one of the most rewarding components of your life—and fall is a great season to celebrate these bonds.

I find this time of year particularly memorable. It's a time for sharpened pencils and new school shoes. The first big break was always Halloween (although why we never had the day off from school remains a mystery to me). It was—and is—one of my favorite holidays. There are no gifts to buy or huge dinners to cook—it's just a silly time when you can dress up, shop for pumpkins, and experience a few thrills and chills if you're so inclined.

In this issue, we explore some of the country's most notorious haunted destinations. You'll discover what makes these cities so eerie, from the hair-raising cemeteries of ol' Key West to the haunted hills of Nashville and ghostly mansions of Savannah.


I also thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite ghoulish recipes. Yep, I'm the creepy mom who brings eyeballs to the party and has a hand floating in the punch bowl.

Your kids will go mad for my Mummy Toes and will scream with delight for the deliciously crunchy Witch's Fingers—served with ghastly green slime dip, of course. There are haunted crispy rice pumpkins and strawberry ghosts. If you're into the eyeball appetizers, I've got two frightening recipes—peanut butter or cheesy.

There are also printable Halloween charades suggestions, cool carving designs and a list of our favorite (age-appropriate) spooky books.


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