Owner, designer and chef, William Dean Brown
Photo by Sandy Klim

Sweet Rewards

Lemongrass and Coconut…
Grapefruit and Tarragon…
Lavender and Lemon…

By Sandy Klim

These unique and exquisite flavors are encased in an artfully designed covering of rich chocolate. William Dean Brown is the creator of these mini-masterpieces. Surprisingly, he didn't begin delving into the concept of "chocolate as art" until later in life.

At 47, Brown was an executive at a large company in Tampa when he was inspired by a Food Network show on hand-rolled truffles. This set in motion a passion that ended his traditional career and launched a fast-paced rise to fame in the world of chocolatiers.

Although he's officially only been in business since 2008, he and his shop have racked up an impressive array of awards from around the country. He earned gold in numerous categories at the renowned San Francisco International Chocolate Salon competition, winning awards for most artistic to best truffle to the People's Choice Award for his Mexican Mango. This distinctive piece replicates the flavor of eating fresh fruit with a squeeze of fresh lime and a sprinkling of salt.


As you bite into one of these exquisite pieces, the flavors are an explosion on the palate. His unique combinations, as well as the richness of the flavors, create a blend that is almost unparalleled to most confections on the market today.

But what makes William Dean Chocolates truly exceptional are the sculpted creations Brown produces. These are not just chocolates. Visually, they are intricate miniature pieces of art. Each is hand-made. The vivid-colored shiny coating is the result of a unique process of hand-painting, airbrushing and other culinary tricks that he has developed.


Several celebrities count William Dean Chocolates among their must-haves. Brown will occasionally get a phone call, and a well-known voice will say, "I was on The View the other day and tried your chocolates…can I order some?"

Fortunately for us, these chocolates are available through a store in Largo, FL, and online. No name dropping required.

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