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What Peeves You?

THE FOLLOWING IS AN EXCERPT FROM THE BLOG "PETE'S TOP 10 PET PEEVES!" Having spent most of my life in the automotive industry, I've pretty much seen it all. But on the road, there are some things I see that I just can't get over. Here's a list of my Top 10 Pet Peeves...(not using) turn signals...turn signals that don't shut off for miles and miles...car stereos that can go much louder than mine...cars that take up two or more parking spaces.... What about you? What are your pet peeves on the road?
—AAAPete, AAA Community Blogger

quotePeople who insist on driving 53 miles an hour in the left-hand lane of the expressway...and refuse to get over for those of us who actually have places to be!quote


quoteI agree. What works with these characters to get them to move out of the passing lane?quote


quoteSpeedometers registering more than the speed that I'm going.quote


quoteCars with 'fog' lights brighter than their headlights. I don't care to see four-eyes or even six-eyes coming toward me, especially when they're brighter.quote


quotePeople that pull out right in front of you, when you are the only car coming towards them, and then go 20 miles under the posted speed.quote


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