Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens, killing nearly 6,000 teens annually. TeenDriving.AAA.com is a great resource for parents and teens to learn safe driving skills.

The AAA Resource for Safe Teen Driving

Before They Get in the Driver's Seat

Your teen has been learning from your example for years, and driving is no exception, so be a good driving role model. Always wear your safety belt, obey traffic laws, don't use a cell phone while driving, and utilize your turn signals. Allotting time each week to supervise your teen's driving is key to ensuring they become a safe, courteous driver. Also, make sure you understand your state's licensing processes that your teen will have to go through.

Some of the biggest headaches associated with a new teen driver are the costs. For example, when does your teen need to be insured?

The New Driver

Your teen may feel that they're on the fast track to independence, but it's still important for you to be in the driver's seat to safety, enforcing the rules when it comes to your teen's driving privileges.

Resource for Teens

Signs Point To…

Preparation is key in making sure all parties are ready for the milestone your teen faces. To provide peace of mind, AAA offers a Free Teen Membership to teens with a learner's permit.

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