John Tomlin at Denny's, our newest restaurant partner. Members receive 10% off food andbeverages at Florida locations.

We Love Our Members

The October 2010 issue of Money magazine called purchasing a AAA membership a “no-brainer,” citing the value of roadside assistance and discounts galore, all for a yearly cost of about $66. Reading the article gave me a great sense of pride and reaffirmed the value we provide members. In fact, one of the basic tenets of our mission statement is to provide exceptional value to our members.

Not long ago, I was personally reminded of the value a AAA membership offers. My son was wrestling in a tournament in Miami, and the tournament organizers had reserved a block of rooms for the event at a special tournament rate. Before I booked my room, I decided to check how the AAA rate compared to the tournament’s negotiated rate. As it turned out, I was able to save $30 a night by using the AAA rate.

I also enjoy hearing from our members who write to tell us when they have saved money with their AAA membership. Recently, one of our members called to let us know they saved $150 on a $400 prescription thanks to our Show Your Card & Save® program!

I hope all of you are also getting the full value of your memberships by always remembering to show your AAA card when you are shopping or dining. You can learn about the savings that are available to you at AAA.com/Discounts.

AAA Employee Excellence 

To help you get as much value as possible, 3,000 Auto Club South employees come to work each day looking for new and better ways to serve you, whether that’s by partnering with more businesses to offer even greater discounts or always providing you with the highest level of service. We are also working hard to understand your needs and make sure you know about the benefits that will be most relevant to you.

I also wanted to share with you how proud I am of our employees; not only for the many compliments you send each day, but also for their commitment to helping others in the community. During the holiday season, they gave generously to help those less fortunate. From spending time with elderly folks who would have been alone, to donating gifts for families in need, our employees truly care and want to help make other peoples’ lives better.

This attitude of caring and service carries over to how they do their jobs each day. You can rest assured we will continue working throughout the year to provide you exceptional service, look for every opportunity to save you money, keep you informed of the benefits most relevant to you, and do everything we can to ensure that buying or renewing a AAA membership is always a “no-brainer.” Thanks for your continued support, and I hope you have a prosperous New Year.

John Tomlin,
President and CEO
AAA Auto Club South

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