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Rating Your Savings

It's nice when your peers take notice of you. Back in October, the editors of Money Magazine wrote a story for CNNMoney.com titled "What to Do with $1,000 Now" that included a section "Get More from Your Savings." Here's a quote from the story:

"Let's say you want to keep the money in the bank, a smart idea if your cash emergency fund is a bit shy of six months' worth of expenses.

"You don't have to settle for the piddling 0.19 percent interest rate offered by the average savings account today. FDIC-insured Discover Bank consistently pays among the best rates around: currently 1.35 percent."

It Gets Better

What Money failed to mention is that AAA members get an exclusive preferred rate from Discover Bank: 5 basis points higher than the general public. So the 1.35 percent in their example would have actually been 1.40 percent for AAA members. Interested in a 24-month CD? Discover has an excellent 1.65 percent APY available to customers—but because you're a AAA member, you'll get 1.70 percent APY. In fact, the independent Informa Research Services shows that the AAA rates consistently beat the national average APY of the top 50 U.S. banks.

Discover offers a variety of savings products, including Money Market Accounts, traditional and Roth IRAs, and certificates of deposit, all with exclusive rates for AAA members.

If your current financial provider is only paying "piddling" interest to your accounts, we invite you to—as the editors of Money said—"get more from your savings" with Discover Bank and AAA.

Rates valid as of 12/1/2010 and subject to change daily without notice.


Putting the "Fun" in ReFUNd

Preparing your tax return doesn't have to be as dull as, well, preparing a tax return. With TurboTax Online, AAA members can quickly and easily complete their taxes and get to the important stuff—like figuring out how to spend that refund!

Of course, if you're not getting a refund, TurboTax can help you compute how to pay less in taxes—perhaps by contributing to or opening a traditional IRA account (see "Rating Your Savings" above). TurboTax guides you through your taxes step by step. And TurboTax double-checks to ensure you get every deduction and credit you deserve. If you file form 1040EZ, you can use TurboTax Online Free Edition as a AAA member. For TurboTax Online Deluxe, Premier, and Home & Business, you receive a 25 percent discount. If you prefer to install the desktop version on your own PC, you receive a 15 percent discount as a AAA member. But you must visit AAA.com/TurboTax to receive your discount.

TurboTax puts the "fun" in refund. Best of all, TurboTax guarantees 100 percent accurate claims.

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