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Safer Roads In 2011

Truck safety and traffic strategy top AAA's list of legislative priorities

By Kevin Bakewell


Two of our driving principles at AAA are protecting and advancing the freedom of mobility, and improving traffic safety. With the 2011 Georgia legislative session set to convene on Jan. 10, AAA will continue its work to make our roads safer by advocating for the following initiatives.


Traffic safety is among the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century. AAA's safety agenda calls for building better and safer roads, reducing high-risk driving, improving data collection and protecting vulnerable road users. AAA supports a strategy that maximizes the contributions of the automobile and public transit, along with bicycles and pedestrians. A balanced, comprehensive approach would include sufficient funding, smarter use of existing transportation networks, and improved traffic management systems, among other options.

A bill was passed and signed by Governor Perdue in 2010 creating a regional one percent transportation sales tax based on regional commission boundaries to fund all modes of transportation for a period of 10 years. The referendum to approve the tax will be on the August 2012 ballot in every region of the state except those that opt out. AAA will continue working with the many different organizations involved in this issue to educate the public on the 2012 ballot.

Strengthen Truck Safety Legislation

Large trucks play a critical role in the nation's economy, and their numbers are likely to increase dramatically in the coming years. Truck safety is a priority for AAA, and we will continue to monitor and respond to legislative initiatives on a variety of truck safety issues to ensure the highest standards of safety for all motorists who share our crowded roads.

AAA is committed to working with legislators, plus the trucking industry and safety organizations, to promote safe driving practices and reduce crash and fatality rates for all modes of transportation.

AAA will also monitor bills this year related to toll roads, insurance and traffic safety. We'd like for you to work as partners with AAA to change our traffic safety culture. Together, we can save lives

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